How can one begin to introduce perhaps the most famed and highly-regarded Impressionist of them all?
The master Monet was, in short, utterly prolific. He created art throughout his whole life, even continuing painting at the point of near-blindness in both his eyes.
There are 10 rooms to explore of his works here, arranged in complimentary sets.
Certain to be found waterside, he produced hundreds of paintings in his own private garden. Sunset reflections upon surface waters and lilies, willows and lush wet landscapes galore.
I dearly hope you enjoy wandering round this section of the museum. His works hold a particular place in my heart, and I wish only for his magic and artistic mastery to come across to you, dear visitor.
And that’s not all. In his youth he received stardom initially from his impressions of a Cathedral in Rouen, France, and from there he proceeded to travel across all of Europe: to London and Venice in particular.
He was an architectural authority.