This is a website which presents art.
I suppose you could consider her an inside online art museum and she looks much better on your computer.
Her name is [ [ Pictures of Paintings ] ]  and I'm proud to present her to you. You can explore through the galleries by travelling through the frames.
I’ve built her by taking photographs of innumerous frames and paintings and huge gallery spaces.
By swapping them all around with one another and sorting them out I've created this unique collection here.
I’ve also done my best to organise everything into coherent sets and rooms for you in order to the showcase these art pieces appropriately.

I should warn you however: I've held nothing back with regards to my edits. This project has originated from my own personal love of recreating and re-interpreting of the work of others, and I have spent hundreds of hours editing the paintings in these collections. They're all retouched. In many cases, they vary significantly from their original appearance.
Please forgive me for this; I've felt very little obligation to remain faithful to the original artist's presentation.

It's important to point out also, that (bar one or two exceptions) all the paintings here are in completely different frames than originally showcased. This museum has been completely independently curated and presented.
The rooms themselves are often pretty fake: erased frames, washed walls, and I’ve got rid of the little plaques that tell you information about the paintings specifically because I find them distracting — I find myself often too-inclined to spend far too much time with my eyes on reading words instead of watching pieces of paint dry.

Obviously art needs context though, so I’ve also tried to do that with this website too, by guiding you in and preparing you for any pieces you wish to pick to see with words and broad explanations. Such introductions are minor and unobtrusive by design.

In all honesty, this website, to me, is ultimately simply about showcasing artwork.
So I suppose I hope you’ll give this artwork a good old look.
Hello, my name's Yaz, and it's nice to meet you.
I just curate art I suppose, although I am also known for my occasional dabbling in the dark arts of irreversible thermodynamics and bayesian statistics too.
You can learn all about it here.

If you want to see pictures I’ve taken that are not of other people’s paintings then you can follow me personally on Instagram or listen to random things occasionally probably on Twitter

There is also a Pictures of Paintings Instagram Account and Twitter that I would really recommend for a daily dose of artwork delivered directly to your doorways. You can contact me by email at
For this, truly, I must sincerely apologise.
You see, I am not a website designer and building this thing has been a huge challenge.
Unfortunately, it has proven to be beyond my current capabilities to create a responsive and immersive version of this website for small devices and so I must re-iterate that this website looks so much better on your computer.
Phones and tablets lose out on the responsive design and animations I'm afraid.

If ever this project was to receive some semblance of success, it might be possible to build an app.
I hope so, but at this stage it is certainly a long way away from my current cave inside my cosy warm narrowboat.
Might I suggest instead turning to the individual next to you and inquiring about their favourite artist and art pieces?