…well… let us just say simply that Pablo could not resist including a part of himself in this work, and leave it there shall we?
Separate green from pink, find her facing upwards in profile, and readjust the orientation of her golden hair to now fall down from her forehead. Rose-red lips transform into a tongue, and what was once the pink left side of her face now becomes…
Take a closer look at her face.
But there is more to this work. Picasso was a master of double-images.
Here she rests, seated and sleeping in an armchair; her soft nature depicted lovingly with dreamy languor and deep tenderness: a profoundly intimate piece.
The subject of this particular piece is his muse Marie-Thérèse Walter: a lover under half his age on the day this work was created, painted over the course of only a handful of hours during the middle of a lazy January afternoon.
Few artists manage to capture the sensual pleasure and physical passion present between two partners quite like the virtuoso painter Pablo Picasso.
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